Published: November 28, 2018 7:22 am

Test4 Testing the Tigers!

We recently collaborated with the Professional Rugby League Team – Castleford Tigers 🐯. Ensuring that any athlete is fuelling their bodies with the correct nutrients is paramount to physical performance. Can you imagine..your body working over time to fight off a sensitivity but trying to play a 90 minute rugby game at the same time? Not what you want during the Super League! 

A few of the players had reported symptoms on and off the field such as bloating, fatigue or just feeling slightly off, they didn’t however automatically put this down to a Food Sensitivity until Test4 was introduced.

Offering a fast track to an elimination diet (which can take months) we got to the bottom of the players trigger foods in just 3 days, supplying each of them with a 12 page detailed results pack. Even Daryl Powell, Head Coach was intrigued as to what could be causing some of his own symptoms:

“Everyone has their favourite foods anything that might be causing them difficulty in their lives, this will be an awesome test to figure it all out.”

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jamie Bell said “These guys are high performance athletes so any slight 1% change that you can make that is going to improve them is huge.” Jamie went on to help the team to outline their sensitivities and is currently working with the team to remove and replace any trigger foods/drinks! We will be back visiting the Tigers soon to see how they have improved their diets and if they are noticing changes so stay tuned..but for now take a look at the guys taking the test and just how easy they are to complete!


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