Beans, Nuts, Seeds and Sensitivities

When the body is sensitive to certain foods, there are some common symptoms to be aware of, which typically present themselves within a couple of hours. If you have symptoms on a daily basis, then start paying attention to what you regularly eat. For many, diets include nuts, seeds and beans.

Grains, beans, nuts and seeds are all seeds. Rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre, they form the base of most healthy food pyramids. Offering vital amino acids and often used as a snack option for people across the globe. Nuts, seeds and beans sensitivities can be quite problematic.

For people who either choose not to eat animal foods, or do not have access to animal foods, this food group does contain the highest amounts of protein of all of the plant foods, and can be a far less expensive source of protein than meat and dairy products. However, these proteins can be difficult to digest, partly due to their nature and partly due to anti-nutrients within these foods but also caused by sensitivities. If you have a sensitivity to Beans, Nuts or Seeds your body produces an inflammatory response.

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Test4 Sensitivity Kit


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