Fruit and Vegetable Sensitivities

When the body is sensitive to certain foods, there are some common symptoms to be aware of, which typically present themselves within a couple of hours. If you have symptoms on a daily basis, then start paying attention to what you regularly eat.

It is not uncommon for someone to have a sensitivity to one or more fruits or vegetables, but it is not the fruit or veg that is responsible. Fructose is a sugar found naturally in fruits, fruit juices and some vegetables. When your digestive system doesn't absorb fructose properly, it can cause abdominal pain, diarrhoea and gas.

You can see all the fruit items we test for by clicking here and all the vegetable ones by clicking here.


Test4 Sensitivity Kit


Our Full Sensitivity Test identifies the largest range of food/drink sensitivities, testing against 134 food and drink reactions it is the perfect programme to take control over your trigger foods. You also receive a 30-minute consultation with one of our nutritional therapists who can advise you on replacement foods, managing your diet and much more.