It can be extremely difficult to pinpoint IgG Food Sensitivities (Intolerances), expert nutritionists understand that trial and error elimination can take months and don’t always determine the trigger foods. There has never been a greater requirement for an accurate, fast IgG Sensitivity test, with over 20% of the population in industrialised countries affected by Food Sensitivities and experiencing symptoms such as IBS, Bloating and Neurological problems.

Test4 work closely with many practitioners, sports teams and health professionals across the world. Providing solutions for identifying their client’s food sensitivities, allowing them to pin point their trigger foods and work out the best plan of action to allow them to optimise their diets.

Building on over 45 years of ELISA plate testing studies, our team of Scientists and Doctors have designed an IgG Food Sensitivity test panel that accurately detects 134 food and drink specific IgG reactions from just a few drops of easily collected blood.

Once IgG reactive foods are identified and eliminated, our practitioners report client improvements in all of the above conditions, as well as many others – this is supported by a wealth of independent published studies.

Tests Designed for Practitioners by Practitioners

Developed by some of the UK’s leading nutritional therapists the IgG testing panel was constructed to investigate a wide range of reactions to food and drink antigens. All aspects that are crucial to both practitioners and the end user were considered and factored into the creation of the tests and results access.

By eliminating irrelevant antigens, by obtaining the antigens from only approved suppliers, and by saying NO to food mixes, we have, with the help of UK practitioners established a IgG testing service that we believe is the best available in the world today.

Become a Partner

If you are a Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist, Doctor, Skin Clinician, Naturopath or operate in the Health and Well-being sector and are interested in providing Food Sensitivity testing to your clients, Test4 offer the perfect opportunity for you to add value to your business.

We all share the same goal – to empower customers to make a positive lasting change in their lives.

How to apply

You can apply for a Test4 Practitioner Account in just a couple of minutes - applications are looked at by our team of Account Managers within 1 working day.

Once your account is approved, your kits can be sent straight away and you are ready to start testing your clients.

The Benefits:

  • A discounted stock of testing kits
  • Reliable and accurate testing, using only approved antigen suppliers
  • Online results portal and hard copy report for each client – branded with your logo
  • 134 ingredients tested, including specific sections for Protein Supplements, Herbs Spices & Cooking Oils and all major food groups
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • A fair price for Practitioners and their clients

We Provide Our Practitioners With:

Practitioner Portal – you can log in and view all results, using a desktop, laptop or a tablet! Making it easy to view and discuss results with your client face to face.

PDF Format – results can be downloaded into PDF format which can be saved, emailed and printed at ease. These can also be branded with your own logo rather than our branding.

Hard Copies – results will also be sent via post on premium quality paper, which can also be branded with your logo.

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