The Testing Kit

Our testing kit provides a convenient, fast and accurate means of finding your trigger foods. But what exactly is in our kit and what do you have to do?

Our kits can be completed in just a few minutes and the process is as simple as:

1. Complete the lab form, which is enclosed within your testing kit.

2. Unpack the barcoded foil pouch then use the alcohol free swab to clean your finger tip.

3. Place the lancet against your middle or ring finger, and press firmly against a fleshy part. You will hear a click and your finger will be pricked.

4. Massage the finger to encourage blood flow then fill the absorbant wand with blood.

5. Place the wand and holder in the protective casing and place in the foil pouch.

6. Place that foil pouch in the biohazard bag along with your lab form, place that in the box the kit came in, and put that in the prepaid envelope and send it back to us.

What is in our Kits?

With our kits, there are no secrets, or unexpected surprises, here is everything that you'll find in our kits, which is also everything you'll need. Even down to a pen, to fill out the form with.

Kit contents:

  • Lab form and pen
  • Foil pouch
  • Protective casing
  • Biohazard bag
  • Wand & holder
  • Safety lancets
  • Plasters & wipes
  • Box and sleeve
  • Return envelope

See it in action

Test4 Sensitivity Kit


Our Full Sensitivity Test identifies the largest range of food/drink sensitivities, testing against 134 food and drink reactions it is the perfect programme to take control over your trigger foods. You also receive a 30-minute consultation with one of our nutritional therapists who can advise you on replacement foods, managing your diet and much more.